comprehensive competitiveness is very obvious,myanmar wpc decking company so in the future We still have a very big prospect in the past ten years. As we originally accounted for a very small proportion of our exports, we have seen a sharp increase in the volume of foreign exports since last year. This year,[url=]non slip floor screened in porch[/url] our export sales must have been more than three times the annual sales, Our 10% has now risen to about 25%. In the future, as long as the overseas market has a

good layout,can you put terrazzo on an upper deck it is not easy to sell simple products to foreign countries at a very low price. This is inevitably due to A comprehensive. So this is what we think this is a decade from the business point of view, of course, our most important thing is also concerned about some new materials,[url=]allure resilient vinyl flooring[/url] new technology changes. The last point from the decoration from the consumer point of view, ten years ago, consumers pay more attention to the product

itself, that is,outdoor imitation wood alternative the quality of the product, the product cost-effective, what product features, the next decade, will gradually lead to heavy Quality, style, heavy home style, or lifestyle, more and more occupy a larger proportion. The second consumer brand concentration,[url=]lowes 16 x 16 composite deck price[/url] spending more concentrated, of course, the concentration of this brand, just talked about the positioning of different companies have different businesses, some