Rotary sand dryer is a kind of processing large amounts of material drying machine. Due to the reliable operation, good adaptability, high yield, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, chemicals, coal, medicine and other materials. Sand dryer belong to rotating cylinder dryer. Commonly adapted to the powder and granular materials, the sand dryer can also use the mixing material approach to dry viscous paste-like material and high moisture content materials. Especially dry sand, Fote sand dryer effect is excellent.

You must know the excellent advantages of totary dryer, but may be you can not understand the theory of rotary dryer.The theory of rotary dryer is to use hot air to dry the materials with the mixing function of the cylinder of the rotary drum dryer.

Theory of rotary dryer is as follows:

1. The hot air furnace supply the clean hot air inside the rotary dryer (rotary drum dryer).

2. The feeder machine sends the wet mateiral inside the rotary dryer (rotary drum dryer).

3. When the rotary dryer (rotary drum dryer) is rotating, the lifting plates inside the Rotary Dryer (Rotary Drum Dryer)mix the wet material and hot air together sufficiently so that the wet material can be dried effectively by the hot air. The moisture of the wet material is evaporated into water vapour.

4. The dried materials are discharged through the discharging hole as the product.

5. On the end of the Rotary Dryer (Rotary Drum Dryer), there is one high pressure induced draft fan which suck out the water vapour, and then the water vapour goes into the cyclone dust separator.

6. In the cyclone dust separator, the dust mixed with the steam is separated from the water vapour, and falls down and goes out of the bottom discharging hole of the cyclone dust separator. The water vapour finally goes into the atmosphere by the chimney of rotary dryer directly.

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