vertical roller Mill equipment more or less there will be such a problem in common usage, so as to understand the vertical roller mill where is the problem, and to solve the serious, life will be so vertical roller mill equipment corresponding extended to many, to extend the average fault interval mill equipment, greatly extended the use of grinding machine to shorten the cycle, the fault rate of equipment milling machine.
Mean time between failures, refers to the mill equipment can be repaired, the mean time between failure to occur the next time the fault. The analysis of the average settling time interval, to reason, mill equipment repair and maintenance of the phenomenon, the required time, stop time, the number of construction workers and merged into the analysis, and statistical analysis, a reduced repair operations of the project (generally selected fault frequency highest), select the most appropriate repair cycle and the inspection cycle, selected or amend the programs and inspection standard, improve the repair method, at work, improve the operation method and so on.
vertical roller mill equipment inspection according to inspection cycle and method, divided into the daily inspection, inspection, focusing on inspection, inspection, precise inspection and the disintegration of inspection six.
1) daily inspection: by the post production workers of all vertical roller mill equipment, continuous inspection tour in 24 hours. The inspection for mill equipment general check amount of 20%— — 80%, is the foundation of inspection. Its purpose is to through the post operation workers five senses found abnormal, excluding small fault, continue to maintain the mill equipment, ensure the normal operation of the mill equipment.
2) inspection: inspection by professional staff with the senses and simple instrument, with the focus on the regular inspection of mill, this check is the core part of the inspection work, than the daily inspection technology is strong, difficult. It is not only rely on the experience and rely on instrumentation and tendency of management and technique in the diagnosis of the matching of inspection. The main purpose of inspection is the determination of the degree of deterioration of the performance of mill equipment, adjust the main site, keep the mill equipment performance requirements.
Key point: 3) refers to the main mill equipment regularly to all workers together, specifically to a mill equipment a thorough inspection. This point not only for the mill equipment overhaul, it is more important for workers in daily inspection and imperfect of the good.
4) total inspection: refers to the mill equipment system regularly to a focus by professional inspection personnel inspection. Such as hydraulic system of mill or all fasteners.
5) Chu secret inspection: refers to the tendency of management measures and technical means for diagnosis of key parts. This inspection is composed of technical personnel and inspection instruments periodically to mill equipment accuracy seriously determination, analysis, maintain the function and accuracy requirements of mill equipment.
6) the disintegration of inspection: refers to the main mill equipment for part or all of the disintegration of the security staff and full-time inspection staff together for the main parts of the wear, fatigue and damage of the qualitative and quantitative examination.
As long as the six points for the mill equipment inspection work to do to get a, then the whole mill equipment operation and process is relatively simple, to better grasp the mill equipment operation and maintenance work, can consult the machine limited company official website customer service online consultation on line.