We are now generally in the purchase of machinery, will pay attention to the issue of wear resistance, because no matter what type of mining machinery, at work, due to the production principle of the problem, will cause the phenomenon of wear, Powder production of ultrafine mill equipment is the same, it’s the same as the wear resistance of the material is very concerned about the necessary problems, because good wear resistance can extend the service life of the mill, so this is very important.
But the impact of ultrafine mill life factor is not only the material of the wear resistance of this problem, its internal parts for this factor also has a great impact, which is more important parts of the grinding mill Ring, etc., grinding ring is involved in the production of an important core parts, which stores it?
ultrafine mill for the production of materials, grinding and grinding ring is to squeeze to complete, at work, grinding ring wear is inevitable, but the different wear resistance will make its degree of wear and tear Different, so we need to use excellent wear resistance material to produce grinding ring, which is one of the aspects.
And then for the maintenance of the grinding ring, in the ultrafine mill work, in order to slow down the phenomenon of wear and tear, you can take some necessary maintenance measures, such as the addition of lubricants, and material screening, here mainly refers to the reduction of materials The presence of foreign matter, which can reduce the occurrence of wear;
The article mainly describes the ultrafine mill machine grinding ring of some of the problems, the above is mainly given two aspects, one is the choice of wear-resistant material, one production maintenance, which is to extend its Life, so that it can work better.