Success comes at a cost in the NFL, and it appears the 12-2 Philadelphia Eagles are about to pony up.

Multiple Eagles assistant coaches, including quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, are considered head coaching candidates. With around eight head coaching positions expected to be available — a higher number than usual — the chances are even greater that one or more members of the Eagles’ staff gets plucked.

Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, who has seen Carson Wentz blossom under his watch, has the reputation of a coach on the rise. Photo by Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports
DeFilippo has been the day-to-day overseer of the development of quarterback Carson Wentz, who blossomed into an MVP candidate in the second year of his career before tearing his left ACL in Week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles’ brass has been reaping the benefits from their decision to load the staff up with QB experts (head coach Doug Pederson, offensive coordinator Frank Reich, DeFilippo). It’s a good bet that other teams around the league will copy this approach, especially those that have a young quarterback prospect on the roster or plan on acquiring one this offseason. That should Kris Bryant Jersey lead to a solid market for DeFilippo’s services and possibly generate interest for Reich as well.

There’s also the Sean McVay factor to consider. With the instant impact he has had with the Rams, teams will be all the more interested in trying to find the next young star in the profession. DeFilippo is 39 and has the reputation of a coach on the rise. While making the jump from QB coach to head coach is not common, he does have a year as an offensive coordinator (Cleveland Browns, 2015) under his belt.

Three teams to keep in mind should the jobs become available are the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The New York Giants also could give DeFilippo an interview. They rarely hire head coaches who don’t have a history with the organization. DeFilippo served as their offensive quality control coordinator in 2005-06.

Schwartz is expected to get some consideration. Plenty of water has run under the bridge since his five-year stint as Detroit Lions head coach, which included a significant high (breaking a 12-year playoff drought in 2011), too many lows (he went 29-51 overall) and a little feather-ruffling along the way. He has since found success as a defensive coordinator in Buffalo, and Philly and has swung the momentum back in his favor Javier Baez Jersey on the head coaching front. That momentum can be fickle, however. The Eagles’ defense has fallen off a bit over the last few weeks. While it seems crazy to think a coach’s chances of landing a job can rise and sink based on a couple of games late in the season, that is often the reality. A strong finish certainly won’t hurt.

“I’ll pass on that question,” Schwartz said recently when asked if he aspires to be a head coach again. “There is really no right way to answer that. If you answer it and say, ‘Yes,’ then your eyes are on the wrong thing. You answer it and say, ‘No,’ then people — it’s just not the right time or place to talk about that stuff.”

The Eagles still have some business at hand. A win over the Oakland Raiders at home on Christmas night ensures that they’ll have home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Once that’s locked up, the assistants can turn a half-eye toward prepping for job interviews. Since the Chicago Cubs Jerseys Eagles have a first-round bye, prospective head coaches will be able to schedule meetings during the week leading up to the wild-card round if called upon. Even so, the timing always is a bit awkward, with coaches having to get ready for both the most meaningful games of the season and the most important interviews of their professional lives. But it all comes with the territory when you’re winning.

“Having gone through that as an assistant coach [with the Kansas City Chiefs], the biggest thing is you don’t let it become a distraction to you as a coach,” Pederson said. “We still have a lot of football ahead Javier Baez Jersey of us going forward. My assistants have done a nice job of sort of blocking that out right now and just focusing on the job at hand and the task at hand.

“I think any time you have success, names are going to be mentioned, names are going to be brought up, and it’s a credit to how they are doing coaching their position. But I do feel that they can’t let it become a distraction to what we’re trying to get accomplished this year.”