odd! This World Cup Divine Copying Macy against the Savior was a sworn enemy
People who pit you that year, will pull you a few years later
The North Face Jacket After the Peruvians celebrated their return to the World Cup 36 years later and the entire eight-time World Cup, coach Argentine Gareca became Peruvians hero. Do not forget, the Peru World Championship only six cases left in the case, only ranked eighth in Peru.

In Lima, the Peruvian capital, the Peruvians sang and sang Adrian Ramos, singing Falcao and singing Argentine Gareka. The coach Gareka’s magic more than that, the pursuit of 32 years, a story of God in football staged.

Gareca is considered a savior

In fact, 32 years ago, the Peruvians blocked outside the World Cup is none other than the Argentine coach. 1986 World Cup qualifier, in the final game of life and death, the Peruvian anti-offensive 2-1 once lead Diego Maradona led Argentina. Gareka as a substitute striker debut, 81 minutes to help Argentina 2-2 draw to qualify for the World Cup. While Peru can only participate in play-offs and missed the The North Face Jacket
session of the Mexican World Cup. This is another 36 years! Peru missed the taste of the World Cup, Chinese fans may be somehow experienced.

Gareca raised his arms to celebrate the same year

In fact, Garrett’s national team career is not brilliant, scored 5 goals in 20 official games. But it is the 1986 World Cup qualifying match against Peruvian ball, so Peruvians never forget. 1986 World Cup, Argentina does not have Gareka in the big list. Garrett, 38, began to take the helm and coached his resume on Argentina’s Champions League in spring and fall and Argentina’s First Division champions. Garrett did not give up the pursuit of the World Cup.

Since 2015, just 30 years after he planned to kill the Peruvian World Cup, Garreca became head coach of Peru’s national team. In 2015, he led the team won the third runner-up Americas Cup, a real dark horse. 2016 won the Centennial America’s Cup fifth.

Peru finished eighth in the 2018 World Cup qualifier with six remaining rounds, more dangerous than Argentina was at the time. However, Garredi rate team played a wave of 3 wins 3 level unbeaten record, during which defeated two teams in Uruguay and Argentina, relegation. Now, Gareka has become the savior of this country from the hope of killing the Peruvian World Cup. Gareka is also regarded as a new magical teacher.

59-year-old Garreca

The story of football is so magical that every character’s role transition before victory and defeat is incorporated into the sport. At that time, those who pit you, this time they turned into saviors. Gary card, sitting 59 years old, looking affectionate look past 32 years ago, he held high his arms look, and now he once again held high his arms, for a country, not the same passion, the same initial heart.
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