More functionality into recent years, some developed countries such as the United States has announced a number of collections of all the latest scientific and technological achievements of the future concept of residential housing in these concepts, the floor’s role far only a decorative material, but shoulder to provide a better living for the human experience of the task. For example, adjust the room cheap ceramic tiles for outside temperature with the floor to achieve the function, for now, this is not what consumers like the idea of ​​fantasy.

In the current consumer market, a wide range of self-heating floor become the first choice for many consumers, by way of floor heating in the winter to make room a more comfortable level, in a sense, it has It is achieved by adjusting the temperature of the floor to conceive. The research results from the United States and some Western European developed countries, after implantation temperature control equipment in the what are the various types of outdoor deck flooring floor, not only to indoor air heating, cooling can be achieved, I believe that in the next house, the floor may be able to completely replace air conditioning, even other electrical equipment, bear in home life on more “responsibility” to. In addition to advanced technology and innovative materials and functionality vary outside flooring products must also have great changes in processing technology to meet the escalating demand for the use of consumers. From the existing products, the high-tech processing technology into the floor has become a development trend.

Such as nanotechnology, it has begun to use the floor surface paint process, through the unique properties of nanomaterials polymer, and further improve the floor surface dirt wood plastic supplier in malaysia capacity makes floor cleaning more convenient. In the future, this high-tech and manufacturing process combined floor will inevitably continue to occur, so that consumers can spend more quality flooring products.