July 4, Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Zijin Mountain tailings dam, Fujian Dingjiang subject cyanide contamination; July 28, Huadian City, Jilin EVER happen Dahe Reservoir dam, downstream of the five villages have been washed destroyed, truth and concrete dam has not released the number of casualties, an official communication said only “caused huge casualties”; August 7, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, a gold mine fire, 16 people were killed. August 8, Gansu Zhouqu County sudden large debris flows, landslides burst into the county, and truncated form Bailong river lake, has caused 702 people were killed and more than 1,000 people missing. improve ball mill productivity

Zijin, Dr. Kim, everyone knows: the National Rural famous gold. Huadian: There is China’s first rural Gold said, Changbai Mountain El Dorado in the world. Zhouqu, two when: West gold-producing county, Zhouqu – Wenxian – two when the White Dragon River, extending west Qinling belt known as Asia’s largest gold mine. Just two months, the hometown of East and West China all four gold calamity, causing huge casualties. Correspondingly, from the beginning of 2009, China overtook South Africa, Australia, Russia, the world’s gold output ranked first consecutive years. sandstone quarrying and processing

Many people will wonder, compared with South Africa, Australia, Russia, the United States, Canada, Asian countries, China is not a gold resources in the country, and China’s gold grade, low exploitation value, how to become the world’s largest gold production country? Moreover, the largest producer of gold production in South Africa, Australia, and Russia is gradually reduced, but in China’s gold output increasing gold production in the first place no one can shake the world.

One of the secrets is that China vigorously pursuing a simple process, low investment, short construction period, low cost, low grade ore in China refining containing 0.5 grams of gold per ton, but also a lot of money alchemy …. cyanide heap leach gold operation. Chinese people are clever, new technology invented it? China’s Kingsoft more resources advantage? The answer is No. Sodium cyanide heap leach gold operation is an American invention of the sixties of last century, which originated from the United States before 1900 illegal mining of gold refining technique Zeizi were adopted: after stealing gold ore thieves will break up, put in the bucket, one ton of ore plus 1 kg of sodium cyanide, soak out the gold from the ore. small scale gold mining equipment

Gold mines in South Africa, Australia, Russia, the United States, Canada more, why not implement this simple process, low investment, short construction period, low-cost alchemy? The reason is simple, the alchemical process of environmental pollution and destruction to achieve the destruction process. In this process one gram of gold extracted from lean ore, the use of highly toxic chemicals 100-300 grams of sodium cyanide. Therefore, the United States only allowed under strict supervision to establish a testing ground for the environmental protection department. Under the United States, Australia, Canada, the high standards of environmental protection requirements, with sodium cyanide heap leaching of low grade gold refinery can not send money, once spills occur, the penalty will be broken into bankruptcy, therefore, they will not dare to venture businessmen adoption of this high-risk processes. But the Americans put this technology to teach Chinese people, now the world’s largest cyanide heap leach gold workshop in Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Zijin Mountain or XX mine ore processed each year up to 200 tons. stone crusher manufacturers in india