As everyone knows, the traditional sand making enterprise has small scale, poor equipment, big pollution construction machinery manufacturer, low resource utilization rate and poor sand quality, and is not in conformity with the sustainable development of our country and the commercial demand. While, how to process the 100 mm stone into high-quality mechanism sand by one step, and bring new economic benefits to the concrete batching plant and sand factory are the most focus of sand factory and concrete batching plant users, which are also the problems that the sand making equipment manufacturing enterprises should urgently solve for the users.

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If we want to do this on the basis of the decrease of running cost, we can only take two ways: one is to reduce the floor space of the production line, and the other is to simplify the technological process of production. In fact, the two ways are not contradictory JS series concrete mixer, for if we simplify the technological process of production beton mixer, at the same time, we will inevitably reduce the host equipment, and reduce the floor space of the production line and civil engineering cost.

To truly achieve the goal of “low running cost”, Daswell Machinery developed and launched the Daswell sand making system. The whole system adopts enclosed construction, it has no dust spillover, and it totally meets the environmental requirement, so it is the best choice for the extensive concrete batching plant and sand production line.