Chris McCain has a tradition of bringing a different kid from the stands onto the field before every game, but security in New England prevented him from doing the kind act in Week 8.

The Chargers defensive end shared a video on Instagram of him being stopped by a Gillette Stadium security guard. McCain described his run in with the guard in the caption of the video and photos of the post.

He first told me I couldn t take him without proper credentials. I got the credentials and he stopped us in the video you see and says you can t walk cause you went a got a pass just for him . So then he grabs the kid arm and snatches the pass away from him. I told him never do that again especially in front of me, McCain wrote.

McCain was trying to get the attention of the NFL, NFL Players Association, NFL Network and ESPN with the post to spread awareness about what happened. He claimed the young boy was assaulted by the guard and also cried after he was denied access to the field with McCain.

This man technically assaulted this kid by grabbing his arm and snatching the pass. And hopefully you do your job and bring attention to this D.J. Foster Jersey, McCain wrote

Despite being turned away from coming onto the field, the boy got to spend some time with the pro football player. McCain shared photos of the boy with his jersey and he even stopped to take a few photos near the entrance to the field.

After the game, McCain continued talking about it on Twitter. He said he doesn t do it for publicity, he does it to use his platform for positivity.

The 25 year old has other videos on  his Instagram of him walking alongside young fans before games.