heating heating radiation radiant heat, and air conditioning, heating, etc. forced convection circulation through hot air heating, air flow in the dust is much smaller, reducing the spread of harmful bacteria in the air, Indoor environment is more hygienic and clean, is conducive to the health of bronchitis, respiratory infections and allergic syndrome; air convection weakened, less water loss, to overcome

the traditional radiator heating caused by indoor hot, dry mouth and other discomfort, to avoid Female skin is too dry due to dehydration Fourth, does not occupy the use of the area, spend the same money is equal to buy a larger house Home life We know that we can no longer place heating and furniture around the pipe, which not only a considerable number of the use of the area can not be

applied, often Determine the overall style of decoration brings great trouble. The use of floor heating, indoor no longer radiator and its branches, virtually increase the indoor use of 2% to 3% of the area, not only for decoration and furniture layout, thousands of dollars for the big city 1 square meters of housing prices, no doubt you save The cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Fifth, long service

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