i received a loan and they direct depoisted the amount into my checking account. i had it set up for them to refinance one time and then take out the whole amount. at the time the whole amount was taken out my account did not have sufficent funds so it overdrew my account and then the money was returned and i was charged a fee by my bank. now the company is taking out different amounts 0 0 ect and i never authorized anything but the the one refinance and the whole amount. are they allowed to continue to take money out of my account that was not authorized because i did not pay the whole amount?? i read that this company is a scam but i don’t want to do anything legal until i know if they are actually allowed to do this. also, there is NO contact information for the company! i don’t have any information about how much i paid towards the amount i owed ect. i am so stupid for even doing this in the first place but i need some advice!