I am 19 years old and I have two things on my credit. I have a department store credit card that had a 0 maximum, and it was maxed out. Soon, after I lost my job and couldn’t pay for it. So now it is at 0. And I have a 0 loan I took out a while back. If I pay my credit card off how much do you think my score will increase. It is at 517 which I know is horrible. It will not improve like 80 points will it? :/ no right? Do I have to pay everything off and build credit history in order to get it to 600? How long do you think it will take to build a decent credit history. Soon, I’ll pay my 200 loan off as well. Please only helpful and/or informative answers.

*Also, I feel that is really low so I asked for my free credit report to check for accuracy but, they said they couldn’t identify me so they need me to fax a copy my license and social security card which I really don’t want to do…

Any help would be great, if possible include your own experience with credit scores and credit cards.