crusherArtificial sand production equipment choice is according to the requirements of the project and continue to improve, in the early 70 s, artificial sand equipment production line was chosen from 1300 x 1600 hammer crusher limestone artificial sand production.
And hammer machine has many defects, can’t satisfy the needs at the time of the construction, the crusher each have each advantages, application scope is different also, currently with the artificial sand stone is widely used in the process on water resources and hydropower impact crusher (sand making machine) shows its prominent advantages.Development to the present newest VSI sand making machine, has been in the artificial sand production has unshakable status.
Manufacturers in the purchase system sand machine, priority should be given to the artificial sand aggregate is easy to operate, the selection of reliable operation, energy consumption and low cost of operation and management of equipment, the second is to consider the load factor of equipment, need to processing the product particle size, gradation elements variation and selection.And for some buyers of sand production line is used to configure the system, but also according to the specifications as well as the production of stone and stone USES to determine.
Mechanism of artificial sand is sand, it is to point to the processing, in addition to soil by mechanical crushing and screening system into the particle size of rock particles less than 4.75 mm.But does not include the soft rock, weathering rock particles.The specifications according to different fineness modulus of sand can be divided into fine, fine, coarse, medium and four.
1, fine sand, fineness modulus of 1.5 0.7, the average particle size was o. below 25 mm.
2 and the fineness degree of the fine sand: template for 2.2 to 1.6, the average particle size 0.35 0.25 mm.
3, medium sand, fineness modulus of 3.0-2.3, the average particle size was o. 5-0.35 mm.
4, coarse sand, fineness modulus of 3.7-3.1, the average particle size was o. more than 5 mm.
Vico heavy industry in the production of artificial sand, with complete equipment configuration is diversiform, can be used for artificial sand aggregate technology, economic and technology significantly improved, but also provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sale services, according to customer’s production site to configure the process, makes every effort to do for the customer the most reasonable and economic production line.
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