March 14, long-Sheng floor "China good plant purchase" benefits Jiangsu, Zhejiang factory direct supply, in the "Chinese wood flooring are" long-sheng Zhejiang Nanxun floor ABP was held. Dozens of cities from Shanghai, Zhejiang, north-central, southern Jiangsu and nearly two thousand customers in the rain to attend the events, and the atmosphere warm, direct supply benefits a great success!

As organizers, Jiusheng floor for guests from afar prepared "gluttonous feast." Site exhibited Jiusheng its American flavor, Milan time, the original ecology nearly a thousand sub-brand products, Asian pear wood chair, Garment Steamer, cleaning and maintenance packages and other orders ceremony, as well as luxury goods, gold and other live awards.

The event is open year long-Sheng floor New Year for the first time large-scale marketing campaigns, none is very large. The consumers come, has multiple purposes, both with affordable price to buy a favorite product, but also get a lot of high ceremony awards.

Jiusheng floor at the site also launched a micro-channel ingenuity sweepstakes, send a small gift many surprises for customers while buying the floor, you can have more interaction with the organizers. Consumers are very interested in this game fresh, the atmosphere is very active.

Jiusheng floor first large-scale activities in 2015, it attracted nearly 2000 customers, completed thousands of orders results, undoubtedly a very successful debut. In 2015, the long-Sheng flooring will continue uninterrupted held various marketing activities, take concrete actions to back Chinese consumers, customers realize the dream of home life.

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