With the gradual popularization of geothermal heating, solid wood to heat the floor with its excellent environmental protection, comfortable feel, favored by high-end crowd, many wood flooring brands have launched solid wood to heat the floor. It is understood that, although many wood sellers have said “my home floor can be used for geothermal heating,” but not all ground floor can be used for heating, wood to heat the floor is the need to go through a special process, and reach a certain professional standards .
The use of geothermal floor environment is complex, especially in the northern regions, non-heating season ground to withstand moisture, while heating surface temperature suddenly rises again, the floor is bound to bear the “temperature”, double change “humidity” in. So geothermal floor must buy the material good stability.
Earlier, China Timber Circulation Association expert review meeting in solid wood to heat the product, on the first floor when heating is recommended for wood floors to be: select material stability of species, such as teak. In the process I visited the market found that almost all of the wood flooring, doors, furniture brands, said, “teak is recognized worldwide as the best stability and toughness of the material.”
Teak is a valuable material, moisture, pH, heat resistance, and stability is the best of all wood materials. Teak quality is very good, but the price is relatively high, basically in 700 yuan / or more.
To warm the floor in the true sense through national certification and issuance of quality inspection report. Qualified product testing report, can be seen as a passport to enter the market, the value of the indicators on the test report can also indicate that the level of product quality. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the merchant can ask to see the test report.
In the inspection test report, to see whether we should focus on the national authoritative department, sample name is marked with a geothermal floor, whether it is based on the test standard LY / T1700-2007 “to heating with wood floors,” the numerical test results meets the testing requirements the technical standards.
It is understood that, with respect to the implementation of standards with a wooden floor heating test report standard number currently issued by the State Forestry Administration is LY / T1700-2007, the main test indicators are heat-resistant dimensional stability, surface heat-resistant properties, surface resistance to cracking, Surface resistance to thermal cycling, thermal properties. Building materials and the most authoritative testing department, the State Building Materials Test Center.
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