As the only sacred place in the history of the world’s four ancient civilizations, the long history of the Huaxia Land has left too many names in the long history to warn the world. “Playing tiger brothers, battle father and son soldiers,” applied to the history of the battle and today’s competitive sports is particularly suitable.

There are places where there are rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes where the need for human operators. From the perspective of professional coach, to take over a team not only need the support of high-level and fans, but also need their own system of support. Mourinho as a handsome man is particularly good at controlling this “situation” from the Premiership coaching Chelsea bring Carvalho, Ferreira, now to Manchester United to solicit Ibrahimovic in two seasons, Matic , Lukaku and other old ministers, Mourinho’s disciples also gave him enough support, especially Ibn and Matic.

Matic’s arrival seamlessly with Manchester United, after Ibrahimovic injured Mourinho after the introduction of the old old Lukaku and trust in it. Whether Lukaku in the early season of seven games 7 ball eye-catching performance, or now he missed the chance to highlight the field even play, Mourinho have chosen to support the disciple. In the previous league 10 games scored only 1 ball bleak performance, Mourinho not only in the Central European Champions League against CSKA in Lukaku continue to find the goal of the state, and in support of the interview, “I do not mind Lukaku’s scoring goals and his efforts on the pitch are enough to make up.”

Tonight’s home game against Manchester City, 8 points behind Manchester United need victory to win the championship hope, but Lukaku did not return good performance with Mussina, but puff puffed Mike Mussault.

To give up the three defensive formation to play under 4231 Mourinho chose to hold back counterattack limit opponents from the opening, Manchester City was a game in the hollow but difficult to create excellent scoring opportunities. In this case Lukaku but consecutive errors in the positioning of the ball made the mistake: the first 42 minutes he hit the ball in the corner kicks defense was David – Silva shot in front of the score, after the Manchester United to tie the game, Lukaku in the second half 54 minutes once again in the positioning of the ball made a mistake, the face of opponents pass clear clearance action obviously unreasonable circumstances, he kicked The North Face Store the ball line is too low hit team mate was Otamendi in the absence People interfere with the shooting score.

Even in Manchester United to strengthen the attack sent Ibrahimovic debut situation, Lukaku had no light before the remains. Ibrahimovic half of the second half before the game closed high in the top, Mata turned The North Face Jackets the ball out of the top to find Rashford, Rushford forward Lukaku made in front of creating a single-pole opportunity, but his shot was played directly In the opponent’s goalkeeper Edson’s face. This is the best of both worlds through tactical matchmaking, Lukaku lost.

Defensive end two errors caused the team to lose the ball, The North Face windbreaker as Sagittarius lost great opportunity to eventually Manchester United hate attack and defense at both ends of his team continued to poke Lukaku, did not fight the focus of war in this fight In return Mourinho. As early as the last round against Arsenal, Lukaku on The North Face Jackets the positioning ball defensive almost lead to catastrophe, the siege in front of him directly to the goal, thanks to Dehe Ya God-level fighting to rescue the danger.

Mourinho after the game bitter expression, home unbeaten record of all 40 games for the better of his love Lucca has become the culprit in the derby defeat. The most trusted person at both ends of the offense and defense even poke his own knife, Mike Mussina’s heart wow cool wow cool?