The overall scale of China’s dressing equipment manufacturing industry has entered the international powerful zone. Along with the constant exploration and innovation of mining equipment industry in our country, the competition and development of the whole power are almost closing to developed countries’ manufacture level.

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The shape of the mobile cone crusher is a space formed by fixed cone lining plate’s inner surface and taper surface of dynamic cone lining plate. In traditional mobile cone crusher, crusher has certain defects, which affect the crusher to give full play to the work, such as crusher wear.


Crusher wear is liner wear. Research of liner wear can truly reflect the status of material contacting with the lining plate in the crusher, and analysis of liner wear can find its wear characteristics and wear discipline ball mill, which can improve the existing crusher unreasonable shape and design the best cavity shape so as to improve the technical and economic indicators crusher.


According to the production practice, wear characteristics of mobile cone crusher are as follows: the fixed cone plate has less wear than dynamic cone plate lining plate fine grinding mill, and fixed cone lining’s life is shorter than dynamic cone plate; mobile cone crusher’s parallel area has the most serious wear and fixed cone lining’s biggest wear is at the entrance of the parallel area, and dynamic cone liner’s biggest wear is above the discharging mouth; the parallel area has larger amount of wear volume than the cavity wear; after crusher wear, the cavity shape changes a lot and completely lost original shape. According to these characteristics, due to uneven liner wear, crusher loses the original shape, leading to the low service life of the lining plate and declining technical and economic index, so the cavity shape should be improved.