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Cement Silos Truck / Concrete Mixer Truck
Cement silo truck adopts the advanced circular arc automatic welding equipment, welding and makes it to mould at once time, which ensures the quality of mixing drum and the nice appearance. It also effectively prevents the oil and water leakage of the machine.
As a manufacturer of concrete mixer truck, we have 3m3 to 14m3 concrete mixer truck. The chasis is decided by the customer.
Concrete mixer truck from the vehicle chassis and 3 yard concrete mixer for sale concrete mixing transport special device. China’s production of concrete mixer truck chassis to use more vehicle manufacturers to provide two types of common chassis. Its special mechanism includes power take off, before mixing tube frame, gearbox, hydraulic systems, the mixing tube, steering mechanism, the cleaning system. Works by taking the power plant will power the vehicle chassis removed and driven variable displacement pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass quantitative motor, the motor and then drive gear by gear driven stirring means for concrete stirring.
Power take off unit
Domestic concrete mixer truck
Schematic mixer settlement of purchase
Schematic mixer settlement of purchase
Using the main vehicle engine power take off mode. PTO action means taking power by manipulating the switch will remove the engine power, the hydraulic system driven mixing tube, the mixing tube forward rotation of the feed and transport, in order to facilitate the feed and for concrete mixing, when the anti-material rotation, in the end cut off after working with engine power connections.

Hydraulic system

The power of the engine by removing the PTO, into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then the motor output mechanical energy (speed and torque) as a mixing tube is rotated to provide power.
After the hydraulic system motor output speed reducer, passed to the mixing tube.
Control mechanism
(1) control the mixing drum rotation direction to make it in the feed and transport the forward rotation, reverse rotation when the material.
(2) control the speed of the mixing tube.

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By concrete mixer concrete moisture content of the shipment to points, there are wet material type, material and semi-dry
Truck parts presentation diagram
Truck parts presentation diagram (14)
Dry material type three mixer truck. Most domestic use wet material concrete mixer, which can be shipped by the mixing plant (station) Production of concrete or mixed according to the ratio of aggregate (sand, gravel), cement and water, during transport, constantly wet material slowly stirring to prevent initial setting of concrete during transport and segregation. However, from the production to the pouring of the concrete period of not more than 1.5h, avoid concrete setting. Therefore, in the case of longer distances transport, requires the use of materials and semi-dry feed mixer truck to transport. Dry material mixing truck according to the ratio of the trunk-like aggregate and cement directly into the car’s stirring barrel, barrel during transport dry materials for mixing, when the vehicle is going to reach the construction site or at the construction site along beton mixing plant for sale with water stirred completed concrete. Semi feed mixing truck shipped on concrete aggregate and cement is prepared according to the ratio, and contain some water, but the water content of less than casting requirements, the vehicle will need to reach the construction site or at the construction site add water and stir.

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