with meticulous care, in the course of the application should avoid sharp door plank surface. Anti-collision: paint the door in the course of the use should try to avoid hitting the door, pay attention to opening degree, to avoid the collision of handles and the like. High-quality paint cabinets door paint hardness in 2H or so, that is, 10 kilograms of heavy objects hit the front surface of the door, the door may appear

pit, door paint does not appear large area off. Anti-acid: The paint is generally poor acid and alkali resistance, in the course of the use of acid, alkaline materials should be avoided contact with the paint door surface, so as not to corrode the door of the film, if in the process of accidentally soy sauce, vinegar sprinkled on Door surface should be promptly dipped in a little clean cotton cloth wipe clean. Regular

waxing: every 3 months, a layer of wax on the paint cabinet. Paint cabinets in the use of polish wax, to check the paint surface is intact. 2, cleaning: to remove dirt from daily routine In the daily use of the process, the kitchen is difficult to avoid smoke, when the door surface fumes, grease, detergent can be used. Note detergent: water = 1: 10 ratio, rag need to be clean cotton. Part2: Maintenance of solid

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