Buy Now more and more consumers mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture they like classical, like its environmental health, can close contact with nature. But mahogany furniture will appear this kind of problem in the use of, for example, easily deformed, moisture, mildew and other issues,

First, paint wax Gechao law, general furniture in two or three years after the start, the wood is stable, and this time should be selected in the spring and autumn to do a major maintenance, mainly carefully once hot wax, either painted or waxed , the goal is to some extent prevent moisture immersion furniture. In placing the furniture, it is best to use a soft thin pad of furniture parts in contact with the ground are separated, while allowing the site to keep the furniture against the wall with a gap of about one centimeter wall, these mainly to the wall surface and ground moisture .

Second, put a desiccant to absorb moisture, and now there are a lot of dedicated supermarket moisture absorbent cartridges and dehumidification package, buy a home can be placed furniture drawer moisture absorption. Note: After a period of time, to the box or bag material removed again and put some lime or bulk desiccant. In the desiccant of choice, with absorbent resin and raw material for the production of charcoal desiccant bag is better placed in the space for smaller locations, such as confined space wardrobe, shoe, etc., so targeted, the onset of obvious.

Third, furnishings dehumidifiers, home dehumidifier now generally have the following three facilities: the most common household air-conditioners, dehumidifiers are equipped with basic functionality, but with air conditioning dehumidifiers slow effect, it normally takes two or three hours; followed by a professional dehumidifier, it power and quick, but the power consumption, for the home in terms of uneconomical; third is the heater, it can ease the interior moist conditions to some extent, but the small effective range of only secondary effect .

If the above method also can not receive satisfactory results, ask the manufacturer for specific special care. Mahogany furniture moisture must be taken seriously, for their home stay of a heart.

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