Interior decoration is conventional ceramics in the world, and tall buildings decoration is dominated by stone; the stone has now entered the ordinary residential projects, but still can not completely replace the ceramic in people’s hearts witnesses location. Ceramic industry has shown a new look, a new image, and constantly update of new products to attract the attention of consumers. Of course, the recognition of the stone is still quite good, in the previous long period of time, ceramic and stone is basically dance decorative materials market. In building ceramics, the former wear-resistant tiles, crystal brick dominant position, and thereafter bricks, tiles win mainstream. Brick, for example, from the initial ceramic tiles, and later stoneware tiles, porcelain tiles until now, the quality is undergoing tremendous change. Especially since 2003, some well- known enterprises comprehensive ceramic tile brick opened a new era, a large number of brands have launched porcelain tile brick, brick water absorption will be controlled within the scope of the tiles, so that the quality of bricks produced qualitative leap.

Design is also showing a distinct personality and diversity, imitation wood, imitation metal, endless, even unique Chinese traditional elements stone carving, wood carvings, frescoes, bronzes, have become the object of imitation brick products. In the current building ceramics market, these two categories still occupies a very important position. The original stone is mainly used for building facades, natural stone government building housing lobby and public space, and later into a large number of private home space. Because of the rich natural marble, granite and other stone resources, quality, natural texture, rich color, using a wide range of people close to home life, while providing a wealth of creative elements and broad space for creative interior designer, home decor the material is also more popular, once pressed ceramics industry, but later natural stone latent risks also growing recognition, even more radioactive stone alleged that “indoor invisible killer.”

Stone radioactive material means radioactive radium, thorium and potassium in three radioactive elements contained in the stone produced in the decay process, mainly for the “radon” gas. As can decay material content is too large, the “specific activity” excessive radioactive material, it is harmful to the human body. Currently almost all developed countries in the world stone radioactive standards. From standard numerical point of view, Standard Chinese and Poland’s most stringent. According to the National Bureau of Geological Exploration Center of Building Materials, Industrial Hygiene Laboratory tests show that: specific activity than the marble and stone high granite slab stone; from the color of the stone, the specific activity in the order of red meat red, gray, white and black stone. It is necessary to have good quality of natural stone, vivid colors, natural patterns, but also to ensure that an indispensable environmental health, so people start looking for the best alternative, and some strength of the manufacturers have begun to develop in the direction of stone , but most do not meet the market demand. Polished often difficult on the big hotels and other high-end places, relatively large brick limitations, only suitable for small spaces in the home or with, hotels and other public places, do not apply.