In summer, the family will be subjected to the double torment Kaoshai and damp floor if not pay attention to maintenance, it may appear from the dark, cracking and other deformation phenomena. In addition to routine maintenance, the floor in the summer “down dry dehumidification” indispensable.
Solid wood flooring drop dry dehumidification
In everyday use, similar to pure wood parquet flooring maintenance methods. Suitable wood floors 20 to 30 degrees Celsius temperature, humidity should be maintained at 30% to 65%. Humidity, the floor easy to play drums; the air is too dry, the floor may crack.
Designers recommend home owned temperature and humidity table, humid summer weather attention to ground windows open for ventilation, the best open air dehumidification function, but to avoid the cold air blowing directly on the floor. If severe deformation of the floor, it may be a problem with the floor or walls, you can open twelve floor inspection, promptly take measures to find out the reasons and wet.
Under exposure to weather, the floor prone to paint, faded. Then pay attention to windows and doors, sun blinds, if necessary, covered by the sun site with carpet.
Laminate flooring fear moisture
With respect to the solid wood flooring, laminate flooring fear the erosion of the sky damp air drums. In summer, the air moisture content control work is necessary to avoid a lot of water during grazing. Floor slightly from the drum generally self-healing, if the situation is more serious, the best professional adjustment, maintenance should be carried out in the humidity constant. In general, the first year after installation of the floor from the drum or cracks appear is a normal phenomenon, the probability of such status one year after will be much lower.
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