The faces of Mary and the Golden Goose Mid Star angels will remind you of the delicate use of light in paintings by Leonardo daVinci. The same serenity and inscrutability in the faces of daVinci’s madonnas grace the faces of these figures. Add a touch of Renaissance splendor to your family’s Christmas with these exquisite sculptures.

In the continental USA, as an example, you can normally shoot images of anything which is in public view or located in a public place. This includes people, personnel, facilities, flora and fauna, wild animals, houses, property, etc. Prohibition of photography normally MUST BE POSTED for it to be fully legal. You can also legally photograph scenes on private property if those scenes are visible from a public street, road, location, etc. This includes shopping centers, malls, fairs, private events, and people, crowds or individuals. This photo of the privatelyowned, “NO Trespassing” posted Haines Shoe House is a good example (click on image to enlarge). I photographed this image from the road, so no problem. The exception is when it is clearly posted that you CANNOT take such photographs. Again, when in doubt, always ask or get permission first.

Examine the shoe’s tags. Start with the “AllStar” tag, which should be found across the heal and/or tongue of the shoe. Also, inspect the circular Converse logo found on the AllStar hightops, as well as the “Converse” letters printed on the inside of the shoe. On all labels, ensure the stitching or ink is clear, crisp and clean, rather than dull, faded or smudged. Also, while it may seem obvious, ensure the words are spelled correctly and that tags have the appropriate designs. For example, the hightop classic Converse will come with a circular screen print logo that includes the words “Converse All Star,” a solid star and Chuck Taylor’s signature. If any of these are missing Golden Goose Mid Star Sneakers from the image, the shoes are fake.

Got sandals? The Sandal Racks keeps 10 pairs of sandals together with ease. Great for all Golden Goose Mid Star Sale those flip flops that so frequently wind up separated. No need to banish this unit in the closet. The stylish bamboo accents make this overdoor organizer attractive enough to hang where everyone can see. A beach house must.