Place the wooden board inside the box and let it rest on the wooden strips that you had nailed along the bottom of the walls. Insert the PVC pipes into the holes on the wooden board. If you’ve cut the holes right the pipes will fit in snugly, if not use some PVC sealant to keep the pipes sturdy. The image below shows a cross sectional view of how the finished DIY boots dryer will look.

That law could carry as much as a 15 year prison sentence, though legal analysts say that, because neither shoe actually hit Mr. Bush, that could be reduced to seven.Here’s a closer look at that law from Joyce in another World Watch entry.The AP reported, however, that alZeidi could be charged with insulting a foreign leader, as opposed to assaulting one a lesser crime that carries a possible twoyear prison sentence.The case has riveted Iraq, with many in the country, and the wider Muslim world, considering him a hero for defying a president they blame for destroying the country.A shouting match Wednesday between parliament members for and against alZeidi prompted the speaker, Mahmoud alMashhadani, to announce he was resigning.AlMashhadani showed up at parliament on Thursday to resume his speaker duties.

Mr. JIN: In title, farmer gamers talk about how the gold farmer corrupted the place, as if this virtual used to be pure and fair. They have this sense that this space although it’s totally virtual, as opposed to open to everyone, they feel like it belongs to Americans, and supposedly the gold farmers don’t belong here.

Brandon and Masigan Perumal (13) and his brother Vernon (11) are shooed out of the lounge where they have been playing all morning. The Perumal brothers live across the street and are in and out of the Sererie house. The trio tear out of the doorway like a three legged whirlwind and head for the Perumals across the street.

Abdul Haqq Baker, speaking outside the mosque in south London, told reporters Wednesday he believes the suspect, identified on his passport as Richard Reid, could not have acted alone and that more will try to succeed where he failed.”I think now they’ve seen that this particular plan was foiled, the others I fear, are going to be more successful and more extreme in what they do,” Baker said.”I really personally believe he was a tester,” he said. “They wanted to see how far he would get and then act thereafter.”Moussaoui is a French citizen accused of being trained as the “20th hijacker” Golden Goose for the attacks on the Pentagon and New York’s World Trade Center.Baker says Reid, believed to be of AngloJamaican heritage, had converted to Islam while serving time in jail for minor offences and attended the mosque for two years.Reid is accused of trying to detonate C4 plastic explosives hidden in his shoes on a flight from Paris to Miami last Saturday. A flight attendant said she noticed the smell of smoke, then saw a man trying to light one of his shoes with a match.