After the shoes have dried effectively, you need to refurbish them to being well waxed and polished. How? Choose a good quality leather polish and then spread a thin layer over the shoes. Make sure that you do not use too much. There should be no excess spill or there will be a stain on the cleats. Then, store in a cool dry place and away from sunlight so that the oil gets soaked in effectively. Do not keep them out in the sunlight or the leather will crack.

Performance review time potentially one of the least desired events of the work year. Your experiences could range from receiving seemingly arbitrary comments, vacuous praise, a sense that your manager hates this more than you do, to comments on a job well done and even the (occasional) useful comment.

I love you. So I have 12 cats at home. I’d love for you to meet them. Reporter: You have 12 cats. I love animals. And with just three clicks, ruby triggers that fake phone call from any contact you choose.

For years, people in China have accepted murky air, tainted waters and scarred landscapes as the unavoidable price of the country’s meteoric economic growth. But public dissent over environmental issues has been growing steadily in the communist nation, and now seems to be building the foundations of a fledgling green movement.

CRASH!! You were driving down the highway on a rainy day, when a driver loses control and slams right into you. After you are done spinning out, you reach for your cell phone; with the last amount of energy you have left to call 911. This simple call could save your life, or someone else. With today’s world evolving so fast, new dangers come as well. With that, we need to get help and fast! However not only on the road do we need cell phones.

Ith Sam Heng, minister of social affairs, told Reuters another six people had been injured in the incident at the plant in the Kong Pisei district of Kampong Speu province, 50 km (30 miles) west of the capital, Phnom Penh.

“This is not an easy job to do,” said Mr. Li, expressing with Golden Goose considerable understatement the frustrations of a weaponless army of 8,000 in a pushy, adrenalinefueled city of 17 million. “Particularly when you feel people look down upon you. We’ve even come to calling ourselves fifthclass citizens.”