gold crusher and separater in daily use, there is the inevitable wear and how to reduce wear gold crusher and separater extend the life of it? We both selection and routine maintenance, to analyze how to extend the life of jaw crusher. gold crusher the material selection should be high wear material, gold crusher liner is generally ZGMn13, under the impact load, a surface hardening, both hard and wear resistant surface is formed, while still maintaining its original inner metal some toughness, which is most commonly used gold crusher a wear-resistant material. But in recent years, the use of a high-chromium cast iron production tooth plate, its life is also much higher than the high manganese steel. gold crusher routine maintenance and repair: Check and repair adjustment device jaw crusher discharge port clearance, wear liner U-turn or replacement. Overhaul transmission parts, lubricants and other lubricating systems and replacement. Also include the replacement of the thrust plate, liner, check and repair as Bush. Replace or turning the eccentric shaft and movable jaw mandrel, casting rod babbitt head unit, replace or repair all worn parts.

gypsum crusher: gypsum crushing equipment commonly used jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher and so on. Dry calcined calcined common direct and indirect firing two devices. Direct burning equipment such as rotary kiln, grinding calcined integrated device (Peter grinding, hot air swept mill, etc.). Indirect fired equipment such as rotary calciner, wok (wok directly calcined earth), calciner horizontal, vertical calciner and so on. Wet calcining equipment horizontal, vertical autoclave, autoclave and so on. D) mineral processing practice, Jingmen gypsum mine Gypsum Plant Ziling dry calcined gypsum process shown below. Gypsum shipped from the stope after the first store and selected to ensure continuous and stable quality feed. After a period of feeding crushed (jaw crusher) to 8cm or less, and then by Sec broken (hammer crusher) to 2cm or less, and then by bucket elevator to enter calcining kiln calcination. Kiln using Downstream, by controlling the temperature of the kiln can produce β-hemihydrate gypsum, respectively (180 ~ 240 ℃), anhydrite (350 ℃) and burnt gypsum (450 ~ 700 ℃). After calcined plaster after aging homogenization, grinding mill with tilting to 200 ~ 325 mesh, tilting grinder Guilin mining machinery factory production 4R-3216 type.

sand screening machine is made of hexagonal cylinder, rack, funnel, reducer, motor five parts. After crushing the stone into the drum, on the one hand with the drum rotation is screened by the centrifugal force of the rotating drum and jigging action to screening material. On the one hand large size stone forward flow along the slope of the drum, through various mesh sieve gradually being screened out. After screening a small stone falling into each funnel, then the labor movement by a person or gravity sent the finished pile. Its structure is simple, reliable, stable operation, with a good seal, no pollution, low noise, fast changer, fine grading, sorting a large proportion of high-yield, sorting accuracy, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc., especially for sand graded quarry use. Trommel fine workmanship, durable welded steel frame with steel funnel large volume of steel pick from. There are five hopper discharge respectively. Funnel spout with flange connections can be made to both sides or one side of the material, easy to transport or gravity pull, increase production, prevent blocking material wear mesh, delay production.

silica sand washing machine: sand washing machine during use because the motor failures often affect production, the main failure phenomenon: 1, stator and rotor core troubleshooting stator and rotor are insulated from each other by a quartet built silicon steel, is the motor magnetic part. Stator and rotor core damage and deformation caused mainly by the following aspects reasons. ① excessive bearing wear or defective assembly, causing the stator and rotor rubs, the core surface damage, and cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheet, iron loss of the motor increases, the motor temperature is too high. Then the application filing and other fine deburring tools, eliminating short silicon steel, coated with insulating paint to clean up after, and heating and drying. ② Remove the old winding when the force is too large, so the Pirates slot skew and flared. At this point the application needle nose pliers, wooden hammer and other tools to be trimmed so bad tooth reset and reset there is a gap between the poor to join the Green Paper shell of silicon steel, rubber wood and other rigid insulation materials. ③ due to other causes of damp core surface rust. At this point required sanding clean, clean up after applying varnish. ④ around the core group of bad ground or burned to generate heat the teeth. Chisel or scraper and other tools available to remove sediment melt clean, coated insulating paint drying. ⑤ between the core and base combination loose screw can be tightened original. If the screws fail, the base unit can be re-drilled and tapped holes positioned, tighten the screws.

bentonite mining equipment: bentonite ore mining methods are open-pit mining and underground mining. Using open-pit mining methods Liaoning Montenegro bentonite mine, Xinyang bentonite mine, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Qinghe bentonite mine, Xuanhua bentonite mine, Temminck bentonite mine, Gansu Jiuquan bentonite mine, Jinchang Red Springs bentonite mine, Sichuan Santai bentonite mine, QuXian bentonite mine, Fujian Liancheng bentonite mine, Hubei Zaoyang bentonite mine, Cole County, Xinjiang Tuokexun bentonite mine in Xinjiang County, Booker Sale Xiazijie bentonite mining, dam bentonite mine Altay bazar, Shandong Weifang bentonite mine and so on. Underground mining of bentonite mine has Lin’an, Zhejiang Choushan magnetic bauxite, bentonite mine in Jilin nine and so on. By open-pit mining production volume accounted for 75%, the number of terms from the mine open pit mining accounted for 90%. The rest is underground mining.