role of the industry. Slogan: An aldehyde-free core enters the scene of the press conference. exterior vinyl flooringEveryone receives a small circular small sign. In addition to the 0 aldehyde sign, there is also a small print of ‘a non-aldehyde-free core,’ a reporter This slogan interviewed Mr. Li Hua, regional manager of Wanhua board industry, General Manager Lee said that ‘a non-aldehyde core’ has three meanings, [url=]windbreak wall on deck[/url]the first heavy, consumers are eager to healthy and environmentally friendly living, modern home decoration, the pollution is serious Affect the health of consumers and their families, and consumers also aspire to healthy, high-quality home environment. The second,

Union brand heart desire to provide consumers with real environmentally friendly products.trash bins dealers in uae 0 Aldehyde Alliance members are domestic reputation, integrity, responsible brand, our common vision is the same: I hope to provide consumers with different than the bad business or false promotion of the real business of environmentally friendly products,[url=]retractable roof and sides pergola suppliers[/url] which is We have reached the basic point of union. The third, the core of the product is non-aldehyde, 0 aldehyde Union members of the products are used Wanhua Wo Hong board core material, Dulux’s wall paint without additional checks from the raw materials, so that 0 aldehyde Union member brand

core products The material is aldehyde-free.resysta wall cladding installation 0 Aldehyde Alliance Product Advantage Hong Yang Group Supply Chain Director Mr. Wen Chunqiao at the press conference interpreted the 0 aldehyde Union product advantages: First, Wanhua ecological MDI plastic sheet is 0 aldehyde key.[url=]pool patio and deck designs[/url] Formaldehyde is generally the main source of formaldehyde in the production process used in the adhesive, and Wanhua ecological plate is the use of China’s national patent protection of MDI plastic ①, from the source to eliminate the release of formaldehyde. Real Estate Forum, Decoration Forum, Owners Forum 0 The establishment of aldehyde Union is to