Flat die pellet mills have durable operation with high quality.
The machines dopted the techonology from Germany,whih special design reduce the space between the die and the rollers a lot, the lifetime of the die and rollers lengthened a lot.
Because of nordic wood pellet suppliers uk the high pressure and stable operation, our wood pellet mills can make good density pellets without bond.
The machines have the oil pump matched, which can lubricate the rollers automatically when they are working.
The materials that can be used for making pellets as follows,
Coarse fiber like wood sawdust,cotton stalk and other biomass for burning.
Making pellets from corn, bean, stalk, rice husk, weeds, straw and so on for feed.
Also making biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer.
Our flat die pellet mills can makeSpecifications of n-micro pellet mill price pellets with diameter 3-30mm,length 20-50mm.
It can make the fullest use of natural resource, have good rigidity, perfect smoothness, long
shelf life and standard degree of moistness. The fodder will be nearly cooked during the
Processing which can greatly increase the proportion of take-in nutrition. And reduce the cytolysis time of fertilizers.
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