200 series stainless steel in World War II, as a substitute for 300 series stainless steel in the United States developed the first success. At that time, due to the war, as a strategic material is a nickel each of the countries concerned to strictly control, a serious shortage of US nickel supply. In order to solve the serious shortage of nickel supply, the production and supply of stainless steel, the United States developed this generation of nickel-manganese austenitic stainless steel new series.[url=http://www.jawaysteel.com/stainless-steel-angles.htm]stainless steel channels and angles suppliers[/url]

After World War II, the United States of nickel supply situation gradually improved, therefore, 300 series stainless steel production is no longer constrained by tight raw materials, thus 200 series no longer be a big development. Several took part in the development of 200 series stainless steel Indians, returned to India after India is a relatively abundant resource of manganese, nickel and lack of resources national conditions, it will be brought back to the United States in the development of 200 series stainless steel varieties in India.[url=http://discountstainlesssteel.com/stainless-steel/7377.html]Stainless Steel Coil Suppliers In Guam Usa[/url]

200 series stainless steel applications so successful in India, due to the possible alternative to 304 stainless steel in certain applications. Most of the 200 series stainless steel sold in the Chinese market is almost no control in accordance with GB sulfur, carbon content, manganese (and nitrogen) to replace part or all of the nickel to produce a lower nickel content of austenitic stainless steel.[url=http://stainlesssteelmarket.com/stainless-steel/362.html]Cost Shipping Steel Products[/url]