The use of vertical roller mill can ensure that the production of users, so its production has also been a lot of attention. In use, we should correctly use the milling equipment, so that its performance can be very good play.

Flour milling equipment is an indispensable equipment in the mining machinery industry. In production, its performance has been recognized by everyone, so its development is more guaranteed. At the time of production, the user should do the correct operation, so that he can play its performance, and bring good benefits for users.

At the time of production for users, the production efficiency and the production yield is very important, but some factors need strict attention during the use of device, otherwise it will affect the yield of the equipment, make the mill powder machine equipment production decline. Thus, in order to improve the production efficiency of flour milling equipment, it should pay attention to the production process.

If the production output of vertical roller mill has been reduced in production, then the production status of the mill should be examined from the following aspects, so as to make adjustments to it. What you need to look at is the degree of wear of the mill roll. It is to check whether the mill roll ring is worn excessively and change the grinding roller ring in time. Grinding roll ring is the most direct two parts that affect the yield in the process of milling. Once the wear is serious, it will easily lead to lower production.

Second, check the moisture content of the material. Too large also affect the yield of moisture, if the moisture content is too large, not only the vertical roller mill grinding roller grinding ring grinding efficiency will decrease when the powder from the classifier, the cyclone collector through pipelines to the whole process, because the powder moisture content is too large, may cause the device internal wet powder attachment in the local pipeline wall, causing serious powder, resulting in low yield. At this time, users need to be drying by drying machine to ensure stable production and prolong the life of roller.