1, with linkage and manual control modes are two ways to switch flexible. High degree of automation. Linkage process is: start stirring motor is started after mixing station equipment, aggregates and cement weighing instrument weighing instruments weighing instrument and start the water until the aggregate batching is completed, automatic unloading to enhance the hopper, discharge hopper automatically after upgrade rise. Limit is reached, the automatic stop to the mixer unloading aggregate. Cement and water begins unloading concrete pump for sale, unloading to zero and stops. Enhance the bucket down automatically after discharge (pause time adjustable), operator concrete mixing situation observed after passing the discharge button pressed concrete mixer, complete linkage process.

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2, the control box key parts are made of Schneider components, such as raising the hopper motor due to load heavy work frequently. And mixing station is one of the core (such as damage to the mixing station can not operate). In this regard, we have adopted a dedicated motor protection switch Schneider. In order to ensure reliable operation of the motor to enhance the bucket.

3, mixing station brand-name devices using high-precision instrumentation, sampling fast, high precision weighing. Formula input, instrument calibration and convenient. For on-site mixing station features diesel cement mixers for sale, combined with ten years of mixing station control box assembly manufacturing experience, the instrument control loop to take a special treatment. To ensure reliable operation of the instrument.