Today, Auman floor and did not give up the identity through the agency to promote the brand “foreign origin” of the opportunity, Auman salesman is revealed “the company in Tianjin Port also imported floor stock” message. Acting on behalf of the German brand floor, there are many companies, but it is really difficult to distinguish between true and false. Lu Foma floor sales staff, said the company is a subsidiary of the German Lu Fuma Group, and “the world’s second largest flooring manufacturer of Germany Hamberg company formed a strategic partnership” in the domestic agent of its HARO floor series, For pure imported products.

Cooperation to the cooperation, the Acting Deputy, according to report, Beijing Lu Fuma Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing in 2005, the company itself does not have a German background. German flooring companies to invest in factories or joint ventures in China is not new, but many companies say they are imported German materials, the introduction of German technology, “half-breed.” Like furniture, the floor is where the production should be what “nationality”, but some of the floor Zeyi plate imports on the grounds, fuzzy product origin, and some opportunity to steal the concept, highlighting the foreign “descent.”

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