“Buy solid wood flooring or bamboo flooring, I hesitated a long time, but finally hammered out solid wood.” Ms lives Jinling Century Garden told reporters that she bought 198 yuan per square meter of solid wood floor, and had a promising paragraph bamboo flooring price is almost, but always felt some wood floors on the grade. However, the problem for fear of hardness of solid wood flooring, she bought a 9 square meters of bamboo flooring in the piano room. In the first floor Kazimen Meikailong optional floor Cheng told reporters, heard bamboo flooring is glued together with a piece of gum, taste; but also easy to mold infestation, a period of time will be deformed. So his family’s house composite wood fencing nj to prepare a full 190 square meters paved flooring. Nanjing natural flooring company chairman Wu Biao believes that Nanjing more humid climate is not suitable for pavement bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring he would not run. The Secretary-General Wu Jiangsu Province Wood edge presentation, according to incomplete statistics, bamboo flooring flooring market in Nanjing, accounts for less than 3% of the share. Consumers have long formed a bias against consumers generally reflect the bamboo flooring “not on the grade,” “will be moth-eaten moldy” “formaldehyde content” and so on, claiming more than ten years has been operating bamboo flooring Jiangxi Tat bamboo products Nanjing Bing, general manager of high technology, said a number of long-standing bias bamboo flooring, is because consumers do not understand, or other categories floors competitors exaggerated “smearing.”

High of ice, said the arrangement with bamboo bamboo flooring is made of three layers core criss-crossing, which would force the formation of mutual restraint; In addition, as with parquet, bamboo flooring is water resistant adhesive with high temperature, high pressure bonding and Cheng, bonding strength large enough to resist the general load and stress caused by temperature and humidity changes, easy to mold to crack under normal circumstances. SITA general manager of the company Qing Chang Ling Nanjing floor noted that bamboo flooring is usually chosen 4–6 years old bamboo as raw material, after high temperature cooking bamboo open bar, and after the removal of sugar, starch and outdoor wooden tiles floor carbonization process, not insects occur. Regular manufacturers of products off the assembly line, its formaldehyde content control are better than national standards. Qing Chang Ling asked: “Some bamboo flooring sold for 600 yuan per square meter, can say no grade?” Because of differences in spending habits and people’s lack of understanding of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring has been popular domestic only abroad.

Said Zhang Qisheng, a longer period of time, regular bamboo flooring manufacturers ignored the domestic market, and the product because of the quality of some small businesses can not be guaranteed, and damaged the image of the whole bamboo flooring. The past two years, some of the bamboo flooring manufacturers turn around and expand the domestic market, but on propaganda than the wooden floor is still a large gap. Said Zhang Qisheng, from bamboo to bamboo flooring, to go through the process of handling nearly 40, has completely changed the nature of the original bamboo, bamboo flooring can be laid entirely indoors under various climatic conditions. Compared with wood floors bamboo flooring, there is strength, wear resistance, good stability. In addition, the application of bamboo flooring helps reduce the use of wood, are environmentally friendly products. “I and the children at home all covered with bamboo flooring, and now has more than ten years, there is no problem.” Academician Zhang Qisheng laughed.