At present, China’s little mill feed program feeding the majority of pneumatic servo control method, adjustable rolling distance making use of manual mechanical adjustment mechanism, the handle mode is lagging behind. Now flour processing has entered a “Fine Time”, which can be the functionality from the vertical roller mill also place forward greater specifications, the effect of sophisticated manage approaches on the overall functionality of the mill increasingly apparent. In this paper, depending on automatic handle theory, the usage of chip technologies and sensor technology, research, design and style automation handle method of tiny milling machine, the system which includes the inverter feeding devices and closed-loop manage in the rolling loop manage program automatically adjusts the distance. In accordance together with the technical specifications with the system, based on the PID manage theory constructed from the inverter automatically adjust feeding and rolling loop control model. Pick the parameter common mill, have been controlled model simulation analysis, simulation results prove the correctness with the two control models, although the handle has been an important parameter. The handle technique makes use of a modular style approach, namely the completion of your hardware and application design and style of the vertical roller mill automation and manage systems. The hardware component around MSP430F149 microcontroller, the method input and output, show and other peripheral circuit design and style; low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor drive feed roller, frequency manage technologies, the automatic speed control technique, feed mill feed material; ball screw driven by a brushless DC motor to drive motorized roller mill and roller clutch set to achieve a rapid closing off vertical roller mill rolls and automatically adjust the pitch. Computer software part of the system by means of the control method evaluation, development of the computer software handle techniques; the division of tasks around the program layout, and priority setting; The modular, structured design suggestions, for the software program design and style. Additionally, the control method reliability evaluation of hardware and application, to create the appropriate precautions. Little mill automation and control systems, and enhance the level of mechatronic modest mill, automated control, which can be a small mill stand-alone unit to a mixture of development has laid an excellent foundation.