installation process 1. Pavement in the escalator when the arrangement of the column base (commonly known as embedded parts), the thickness of the ground with the rest, the size of 15 cm square, requiring high material density, fixed at On the floor, to be laid after the floor laying open column. 2. According to the column size, open the double hole through the stick, the depth of the original floor, handrail pole should also open the stick to install, can not be directly

nail nails. 3. Handrail pole and step connection installation and pillar installation is the same, should Set the foundation in advance, and then open the two-hole stick connection. 4. Flat railing installation process and the same force bar. 5. All open connections must be made with glue. & nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion: The above is a small series of porcelain wood staircase size and installation process, I hope to help you. To learn more decoration knowledge, welcome to

continue to read the home decoration Raiders.Staircase step tiles and paving wood material is the method? First of all need to note that the normal staircase staircase order is from top to bottom for easy construction. The following is a small book on the tile staircase and wooden staircase paving method introduced. As a staircase pedal that is treaded all day with a foot, there are so many optional materials as the floor, because of the small size of each piece, and the

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